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  • Australia... World’s largest exporter of coal

  • Leaders in coal trading

  • Experts in coal waste reclamation

  • Tailored solutions from Pit to Port

  • Minimize environmental risks

  • Increase your revenue stream

Production & Capacity

Maximize the production and capacity of an existing mine by re-mining the coal waste to recoverable saleable coal.

Sales Revenue

Let us help you to increase revenue through our channels of additional coal recovered.

Environmental Compliance

Reduce or eliminate ongoing costs of environmental compliance. Lever off our experience.

Storage Capacity

We can increase the storage capacity of current coal waste/stockpiles, to increase returns or defer the costs of a new storage capacity.

Australian coal market intelligence

We have Good understanding of the Australian coal market.


Rely on our expertise and contacts to source any type and volume of coal from Australian mines.


We have the experience to be the face of an overseas business wishing to trade in Australia (consultancy/brokerage)

Investment Opportunities

Let us introduce all sized opportunities available in Australia and explore on an investors behalf.

About Us
Global Ace has the experience and resources to trade and broker coal from leading coal producers on a global scale. We also have the technical knowledge to specialise in the reclamation of low-grade or off-sepc coal material normally considered as waste (fine and course discards). Our vast network of global consumers is your introduction to overseas export markets.