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Coal Discards

Coal Discards and Environmental Consequences
  • A significant energy resource for many developing global markets
  • Discarded for a reason – poor quality (high ash, low energy, high sulphur, fines, low volatiles)
  • An environmental challenge but also contains significant amounts of useable coal (Low rank coal).
  • A major concern to DERM/ Dept of Research and Resource Management because of future potential environmental impacts.
  • One of the greatest polluters of the environment
  • Subject to spontaneous combustion of discard material, which can emit harmful CO2 & SO2 gases
  • A surface source of acid mine drainage
  • Occupying significant parcels of useful countryside.
  • Often millions of tonnes and when abandoned, remain as huge piles.
  • A trap for solar heat, making it difficult for vegetation to grow, which results in erosion and creates dangerous, unstable slopes.
About Us
Global Ace has the experience and resources to trade and broker coal from leading coal producers on a global scale. We also have the technical knowledge to specialise in the reclamation of low-grade or off-sepc coal material normally considered as waste (fine and course discards). Our vast network of global consumers is your introduction to overseas export markets.